Thursday, October 27, 2011

And now with flounces...

... but I'm not so happy with them. Don't they somehow spoil the look? I don't like the big multi-layered flounces of the mid century anyway, but I decided that I should have some for a 60s dress. Maybe they are just too big...
Also the dress looks a bit messed up because my dress form is too big. It's ok for contemporary clothes, but does not match my measurements in a corset.  I need to get an adjustable one. And then I need shoes, and a hat and so much more...

An meiner Schneiderpuppe sieht die Francaise leider etwas lumpig aus, einfach weil sie nicht meinem Brustumfang im Korsett entspricht. Ich brauche also eine verstellbare. Und die Volants gefallen mir irgendwie auch nicht. Ich mag die generell nicht, aber dachte, dass sie doch irgendwie zum Kleid dazugehören. Irgendwie ist der Look jetzt so rüschig-plüschig, da wollte ich eigentlich gar nicht hin. (?)


  1. Maybe it would look better if the lace were a bit longer than the cuff? (Or even add one or two more layers of lace?)

  2. Yes, the lace has to be bigger. I have to make a new chemise anyway, my current one is to big and to heavy. The new one will get bigger flounces.

  3. Talking about lace...

    I've heard that some people attach their lace at the dress sleeves, instead of the chemise. It's a little bit more practical if you, one day, decide to make later 18th century styles (with full sleeves.)

    I've also heard of people who make separate engageantes. Just sew the lace on a strip of bias tape, fasten it with simple running stitches at the sleeve and then move it from dress to dress.

  4. Good idea, I will try the separate version. ; ) Thank's for sharing the information!