Monday, October 24, 2011

Not bad, but ...

Michelle Williams als Marilyn Monroe gefällt mir von Bild zu Bild besser, aber was ist los mit Julia Ormond als Vivien Leigh? Das scheint mir eher eine Fehlbesetzung, da Julia Ormond irgendwie das ätherische und aristokratische fehlt, das Vivien Leigh so besonders machte.

Considering the almost insulting Monroe impersonations on film in the past (and they ALWAYS get the hair wrong!), the new attempt by Michelle Williams looks quite pleasing and persuasive. I'm not really sure about Julia Ormond in the role of Vivien Leigh though. Leigh was so ethereal, she had such delicate features and an aristocratic aura around her, everything about her was so 'English'. While Ormond to me seems more American, more down-to-earth, like a doctor's wife or something. As much as I like Julia Ormond, I believe she was miscast in this.




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