Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feeling sick - again !

Mit ladylike hat das nichts mehr zu tun, schon das zweitemal in diesem Monat hat mich eine Erkältung erwischt. Was mache ich falsch?

Nothing ladylike about me these days. It's already the second time this month a cold has caught me. What is wrong with me? I guess it's time to finish some books, like Per Olov Enquist's 'The visit of the royal physician'. 


  1. I hope you will feel better soon! I'm also sick at the moment (sore throat) and I had the same symptom just a few weeks ago...

    The visit of the royal physician is a great book, me thinks. Do you know that they are doing a dannish movie about the affair between Caroline Mathilde and Johann Friedrich Struensee? (Though not based on P.O Enquists story.) It's named A Royal Affair. Here's some information at IMDb:

  2. Thank you and get well soon! Funny, I have a sore throat the second time as well... Suspicious?

    I read about the upcoming movie with Mads Mikkelsen and I'm pretty excited about it. It was partly filmed in Dresden and from what was posted on youtube by set visitors, it looks very promising.

  3. Sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the YouTube video?

  4. Here they come: